An Architectural Technologist company that achieves detailed planning with a combination of skills that range from Fulls planning submission, 3D concepts, extensions, new builds, changes of use, commercial development. As well as this we also provide a SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) document for new builds which will help with the development and submission of any new build development. All of which come with the supporting document to stipulate what is required from the property in order for them to conform to current Building Regulations and Building Standards.

All Plans uploaded have measurements removed and have been watermarked in order to preserve their originality, local authorities will have complete plan designs if they are required.


Alex Cowell

Alex CowellAlex Cowell CEO, was born in 1992 grew up in South East Kent, UK. “Architecture has always fascinated me, look at the Eiffel Tower, such an incredible structure” – Alex. Alex inspired to be an Architect as it had been a passion of his from a young age, growing up with parents as builders were his main and initial prompt of working the similar field of work, this, and other contributing factors. Going to Southampton Solent University in 2012, and now back in South East Kent working in the local area with his own company ACAT Group and in partnership with LIC of Paint and CIL Builders.

Founded in August 2013, ACAT Group was developed from an idea that grew from a small group of friends and family that took a small idea and developed it too soon become ACAT Group. The company has gone on to head up a multitude of developments